“I love, Love, LOVED your presentation yesterday – it was just the boost needed for my organization”
~ Renee Elliott, Human
Resources Manager, SPHR
“Insightful! Hilarious! Kelli blends facts, stats, case studies and comedy—Genius!“
“As a meeting planner, she is a delight to work with---she simplifies!”
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About Kelli

Kelli vrla,CSP, (Ver-lah: n Road Warrior for Employee Engagement & Full-Throttle Productivity in the Workplace; funny, entertaining, exciting, motivating, Greek).

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Got Engagement ?

3 of the TOP TALENT HR Challenges:

1. Unappealing company culture
2. Increased employee turnover
3. Lack of leadership

HR Reports show that organizations are losing up to 50% of payroll with a workforce that’s 21% ACTIVELY DISENGAGED. Ruh-Roh!

How are you measuring your Employee Engagement? How’s that working for you?

You must arm yourself with the latest strategies to ATTRACT , RETAIN and NURTURE the VERY BEST TALENT in today’s challenging business climate.

Does your organization pass the “Smile Test”?
(Hint: Do people smile when running towards or away from your organization?)
Do your people enthusiastically tell their friends, “This is an amazing place to work!”

Today’s diverse workforce requires more individualized questions based on your organization’s cultural goals. Here are some samples from customized surveys :

  • With eyes closed, can you recite our organization’s values?
  • What 3 words immediately come to mind to describe our culture?
  • Would you reapply to your current job?

If you DO NOT KNOW these ANSWERS, you may be in need of an ENGAGEMENT Tune-Up or a Complete Overhaul with Kelli Vrla, CSP!!

(CLICK HERE for a FREE Sample Engagement Survey)

EngageYOUniversity helps you:

  • Identify the metrics to diagnose the current level of Engagement
  • Pinpoint the Culture you wish to instill and reinforce
  • Develop a customized Engagement survey to ask the right questions
  • Strategize and Execute a Customized Engagement Plan
  • Provide user-friendly systems to track and fine tune talent Engagement

What you DON’T know CAN & WILL HURT YOU! Let Kelli V and her OPA Success team ENGAGE you with A winning plan to inspire and delight your talent and your Clients!