Ready, Set, ENGAGE! How to TAP in, TUNE in & TURN on Your Workforce!


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Kelli book helps you DISCOVER:

  • The 3 Critical Stages of ENGAGEMENT & How to OPTIMIZE them
  • The Warning Signs of ENGAGEMENT Slipping away
  • Whether or not you need an ENGAGEMENT Tune-up or a TOTAL ENGAGEMENT MAKEOVER
  • Ready-to-use tools and techniques for how to Gain Employee Buy-in and Maintain ENGAGEMENT over the long term!
    How to TAP IN, TUNE IN & TURN ON Your Workforce NOW!

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2 reviews for Ready, Set, ENGAGE! How to TAP in, TUNE in & TURN on Your Workforce!


    I could not put this book down! Full of comprehensive advice that one can not do without if running a business. And Kelli is FUNNY! So you will be very entertained while learning how to deal with tough situations at work, learning how to communicate better, and learning how to be productive! Kelli’s humor and clever way of looking at situations are hysterical. She quotes a ton of wise people, including her well-loved Greek relatives who are a hoot!

  2. Awesome Dude

    I can’t believe I’m leaving a review for this book. I rarely if ever enjoy books of this nature, but this one was different. I actually enjoyed it and feel it will make a positive difference in my life. While not a true “Page Turner”, it kept me engaged! See what I did there? “Engaged” 🙂

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